Xbox - Halo Master Piece

What if the whole world could see Halo Infinite for the artistic Masterpiece it truly is?

Video games are more popular than ever as entertainment, but many people don’t recognise them as a true art form. So, we asked the question, what if we combined what consumers perceived as classic art with our most modern artistic endeavour. What if we could make Halo Infinite art in the eyes of the entire world. ?

We knew Halo Infinite was a masterpiece that belongs in the finest art galleries in the world. So we put it there.

Teaser Film

“Video games are just another form of art and it’s beautiful! Halo feels like halo again. Tks!”


We needed to ensure that our hero content not only befitted the quality of the artwork being created but that it would also be relevant to Halo fans around the world. The artist, in partnership with the creative team, built a specialised narrative for this content, telling a story that evolved as our camera zoomed out from our central icons. And as a nod to Halo’s heritage, we brought in the Mark Jermyn choir to perform the iconic Halo theme tune as a soundtrack.

The icing on the cake? The chance for fans to own a piece of the art themselves. The artwork is currently being cut up into 210 different sized pieces that have been signed by the artist, dated, stamped, numbered and soon will be given away to our lucky winners.



We set about creating a masterpiece of our own. Painted by world-renowned artist Iva Troj, in oil & acrylic on canvas. The 3x6m artwork was displayed in London’s Saatchi Gallery and at the Louvre in Paris. Yes, Halo, at the Louvre. Move over Mona 😉