Rexona - For Everyday Athletes

What if we could show that everybody is an everyday athlete?

Athleticism is not restricted to the stadiums and arenas of the world. People unknowingly perform feats of athleticism every day. Our idea was to celebrate these Everyday Athletes by making them feel like Olympic athletes. To do so, we translated their everyday activities into the movements of professional athletes.

The core of the campaign was our spectacular ‘For Everyday Athletes’ film, but the campaign stretched across digital, print, OOH, and local TV adverts. And it was implemented across the world with each local market creating its own version of “For Everyday Athletes”, which was launched during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.

Social content for Latin America

Rexona created hilarious social films for the Latin American market based on our global concept.


Our MotionGames activity app concept was produced for the Argentinian market. At its peak, it reached the Top 5 in the Android store and inspired thousands of Argentinians to get moving.

Local Adaptations

Eastern Europe, Australia and Asian markets produced their own films based on our concept, each with a local twist.