Weight Watchers - For Every Robbie

What if we could use icons of pop culture to open up the idealised image of wellness?

When it comes to wellness, people on social media are faced with elite influencers living unachievable and unrelatable lifestyles that make them feel bad about themselves. Instead of inspiring people, it makes healthy living an impossible ideal that most of us can’t live up to.

Most wellness brands play into this ‘aspirational’, but ultimately demotivating approach, but WW wants wellness to be attainable “for every body.” To maintain WW’s core message, that health and wellness really is “for every body,” we wanted to rethink the use of celebrity ambassadors. Which is where Robbie Williams comes in.


It’s time! If Robbie Williams is our celebrity influencer, why not make him the least important Robbie Williams on set? Let’s find all the Robbie Williamses we can – of different ages, bodies, ethnicities and genders. Then, to get people moving, let’s have the “real” Robbie Williams ring them and ask them to join in with a dance routine.

Once we found the various Robbies, we then had to encourage them to move but in an authentic but fun way. Their experience had to be genuine so people at home would be able to relate to it. With the help of Robbie Williams’ dance instructor and Robbie Williams himself, the Robbies developed four easy-to-follow dance moves to get everybody moving.

Following the rehearsals, we released an upbeat online film which showcased the dance moves. Showing everyone that wellness is achievable and also encouraging people at home to take part and upload their own moves to social media, using the hashtag, #WWForEveryBody.