Asics 19/20

What if you had the chance to redefine an iconic sports brand?

After three years in the making, we brought the ASICS brand voice to life, by applying an earned perspective on the beauty of sports. We helped ASICS look at their communication through a runner’s perspective. Through earned creativity, the brand began to stand out from the crowd.

During those three years, I worked on several pieces and below are my latest three.

Please check the project for more details about our work which won the GP at Cannes.


The launch of EVORIDE™ running shoes brought to life the feeling of how EVORIDE™ helps every runner exceed their ‘energy barriers’, the points in a run where they would previously have given up or slowed down.

In a fast-paced, quick cut, high energy film, we showrunners literally splitting away from their former running performances and continue onwards with more energy. The full film weaves 3 runner stories together into a spectacular, high-energy hype film. As the runners push past their ‘energy barriers’ they physically split apart and leave their former running selves behind.

The tone of the film is high-energy and fast-paced, with a playful twist. The editing and music builds tension, whilst the athletic running makes the film feel authentic and aspirational to young runners’ senses.

“Getting tired just got harder” may sound like the perfect tagline for amphetamines, but it’s actually used to promote a new line of running shoes from ASICS.”  David Reviews



What if we taught runners to listen to their bodies and not their brains?

Runners have been taught that the only way to progress is through pain. We believe that this approach is one of the most harmful means of winning in the long run. Sure, you can beat a record once or twice – but you run the risk of injury.

Despite a chaotic and noisy city, the heroine of the film – a long-distance runner – demonstrates endurance and harmony with the elements, captured by my heady, cinematic style. The campaign is called  ‘Win the Long Run’.

Forced to continue running. Having to start over. Exhausted, yes. Hearing your body’s muscles screaming for oxygen. Sure. But if the pain signals something is wrong, just stop and listen to it.


What if we could show, in a humorous manner, the ideal curved running shoes in action?

After producing the Eternal Run, ASICS asked us to make something fun to show how the curve of the running shoes works. We illustrated how GUIDESOLE™ saves energy by creating a mini-experiment that brings the power of a curve to life.

This docu-style film puts a fun spin on Asics’ usual style of advertising by illustrating, through the use of a curated rocking chair rather than data, the power of the curve and the energy-saving technology of Asics’ new Glideride trainer. Crafting authentic performances from their cast and generating a fun atmosphere, Rudolf & Ragnar deliver a tongue in cheek, creative piece of content that delivers on branding and brings a smile to your face.